Inexperienced users sometimes find the WordPress admin menus a bit daunting. You can simplify things for them by removing the items that they don’t need. There may even be items that you don’t particularly want to see as admin. I found the technique to accomplish this at Sitepoint. This particular sample will remove Posts, Links and Comments for all users, and Media, Profile, Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools and  Settings for non-admin users.  Just add it to your functions.php file and edit the two comma separated lists to achieve what you need.

// remove unnecessary menus
function remove_admin_menus () {
global $menu;
// all users
$restrict = 
explode(',', 'Posts,Links,Comments');
// non-administrator users
$restrict_user = 
explode(',', 'Appearance,Plugins,Users,Tools,Settings');
// WP localization
$f = create_function('$v,$i', 'return __($v);');
array_walk($restrict, $f);
if (!current_user_can('activate_plugins')) {
array_walk($restrict_user, $f);
$restrict = array_merge($restrict, $restrict_user);
// remove menus
while (prev($menu)) {
$k = key($menu);
$v = explode(' ', $menu[$k][0]);
if(in_array(is_null($v[0]) ? '' : $v[0] , 
$restrict)) unset($menu[$k]);
add_action('admin_menu', 'remove_admin_menus');